World war 2 history notes

However, the Axis powers, despite warnings from Ignored Expert authorities like Admiral Yamamoto, eventually went out of their way to provoke the United States into joining the fight.

This was how the Allied media portrayed Hitler at the time. The result was that a country with a large population and a massive industrial base that was completely beyond the reach of any military attack except for its shippingand with an underestimated will to win at almost any cost, was now on the same side as Britain and the USSR.

Every major cartoon-producing studio in Hollywood produced propaganda cartoons with various aims supporting the war effort, vilifying the enemy and so forth. American SBD Dauntless dive bombers had holes in their dive flaps that had a similar effect, the sound being described as a banshee wail.

This is the plain reason for which we have survivors to tell the talesbecause at that moment there were people to escape or survive. No facet of modern life, social mores, culture, science and general worldview was left untouched.

Later readopted and codified by Super Sentai into different approach. Not to mention that the sirens purportedly caused drag and the lack of siren prior to being bombed ended up being a nasty surprise.

Previous campaigns of mass murder euthanasia of the mentally disabled, extermination of the Soviet prisoners, extermination of Jews in Operation Reinhard camps in Poland were so efficient they barely left any survivors. Awakening the Sleeping Giant: The USA was nominally neutral at the beginning of the war, although its trade embargo against Japan and its lend-lease policy with the British and quiet participation protecting British shipping from German U-Boat attacks on its side of the Atlantic was annoying the Axis powers.

World War 2 Notes

But as they became increasingly sure that Germany would lose the war Stalingrad, Donbass, North Africa, Kursk, central Ukraine resistance groups were founded with the aid of existing organisations such as the French Communist Party. Quisling logistics troops including the Hiwis Soviet citizens who served the Heerare also never seen.

The Trope Namer was active during this war in France, but every occupied country had a resistance movement to one degree or another. Trope Namer Vidkun Quislingwho betrayed his country to the Nazis and got stood up in front of a firing squad after the war. The entire rationale behind the taboos on the swastika and the Rising Sun, in fact.

Some versions of the German Ju 87 Stuka dive bomber were fitted with Jericho-Trompete sirens, which would make a distinctive screaming sound to intimidate the targets of their attacks. The pervasive image of nazism led to this trope in popular culture.

Nothing Is the Same Anymore: China had so many turncoats-turned-resistance fighters-turned-bandits that the historical community generally wrings its hands and splits it up into local and regional warlords, nationalist guerrillas, communist guerrillas and Chinese Communist Party guerrillas, with some room for overlap.

Trope Namer and Trope Codifier. Some countries actually had more than one movement - e. Nazi Germany developed some advanced technologies that were ahead of their time, such as the first operational jet airplanes, ballistic missiles and cruise missiles.Aug 12,  · The cost of World War II is uncalculable in human or financial terms.

estimates indicate that about 55 million people died in Europe during the World War II; of these, about 8 millions were German. Death was not for soldiers – civilians died in their millions too, and came from many different directions through these cruel years. history.

Writing a paper on how Europe came to be or what united the States? We explain the revolutions, wars, and social movements that shaped American and European history.

World War II (–) The Cold War (–) The Korean War () The Civil Rights Era (–). Study Guide / Notes for entirety of World War II, from causes, to American home front, to American industrial involvement, to the War in Europe and in the Pacific, to the end of the war.

(U.S. History focus.) Written by Mark Bao. From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the SparkNotes World War II (–) Study Guide has everything you need to ace quizzes, tests, and essays.

World War II (SparkNotes History Note) (SparkNotes History Notes) [SparkNotes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book is about World War II It remains the most geographically widespread military conflict the world.

World War II is most commonly described as having been fought in two main theaters of war note. The European Theater was the conflict between the Allied Powers against Germany, Italy and their European allies.

World war 2 history notes
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