What are the main contextual factors that have shaped employee relations at british airways

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A Review of the Employee Relations in the British Airways

Retrieved April 25, from http: However, as the company already operates in more than destinations therefore we would recommend them to concentrate on maintaining the quality of services at the existing markets thereby further build up its position. It has destinations throughout the world; this extent of operations offers customers with world-class services at various destinations.

Inthe company introduced new regulations to cut absence levels, which at the time were estimated to be averaging 22 days per staff member a year, a measure that did not lead directly to strike action but substantially worsened an already tense employment relations climate.

However increases in working hours were reported by the vast majority of the unions representing cabin crew, compared to fewer ground handling and maintenance. British Airways was the first airline to report its environmental performance in since they recognise the impact they have on our planet while delivering socially and economically vital service of air transport.

Unions with members working for global airlines were somewhat more likely to report adverse effects from restructuring on all the various dimensions of work. After much discussion, BALPA and Amicus agreed to recommend the proposals to their members but the GMB, representing ground crew and baggage handlers refused to recommend them arguing that the company had favoured pilots and cabin crew rather than the interests of their members.

In these five, timekeeping in departure is the basic operational performance measure. So as to maximize its capability to operate and plan in a most effective scheduling and routes possible, British airways is using route planning software.

The union complained that a new regime on sickness pay, introduced 18 months ago, means they are forced to work when they are ill. This leads us to believe that the BA management has a different objective.

Negotiators for British Airways and the Machinists entered into a 4-year collective bargaining agreement that guarantees job security for the life of the contract.

For many airline workers, the deterioration in their pay in recent years has stemmed directly from nominal wage reductions or pay freezes reported in the survey by 42 per cent of all unionsthe withdrawal of cost of living agreements or allowances COLAs experienced by 30 per cent of the sampleor the introduction of two-tier wage rates with a lower second-tier rate typically for new recruits and much slower salary progression.

The agreement covers about 1, airline workers reservation clerks, passenger service agents, telecommunications workers, and mechanics based in the United States. This strategy starts with the existing customers of the organization. In many market and ex-planned economies, where nationalization of private companies are popular, sales of state-owned assets and government disengagement in general became necessary in recent years.

This can be overcome by efficient company maintenance and able leadership for an efficient growth of the company in future. Influences on employment relations — the changing roles of stakeholders.

In addition to appropriate use of internet, email and employer property the issues of disciplinary and dismissal procedures; contracts of employment i.

FinancialFor the future success of British Airways and to reward their shareholders, the company has to maintain a consistent and strong financial performance. At British Airways the employees present their necessities in front of the employer with the help of their union officials and negotiate with them in order to carry out various functioning.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Theory X assumes that people do not like to work at all and that in order for them to work is through giving them a reward or through coercion and punishment while Theory Y is just the opposite, according to McGregor, people on the contrary likes to work in order for them to achieve self-discipline and self-development.

According to Kelly Servicesconflicts in a workplace can waste a huge amount of time and can really affect the performance of the organisation through lost productivity, perception costs and team erosion.

Negotiations with the four unions concerned proved difficult given the very different constituencies they represent, and this has been reflected in their responses to the eventual proposals.British Airways: Strategic Plan Essay Sample.

I. Introduction. •Every year British Airways 50% employees donate time to communities and charities. EmployeesOne of the main factors which influence the performance of an organisation is its employee’s involvement. They should be motivated, commitment to the vision, goals and values of.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ where training and development is concerned. Different people have different needs. During the year we therefore began developing a new approach.

British Airways Case Study

Our aim is to create a learning culture where individuals have the right support, resources and motivation to take responsibility for their own personal development. British Airways values We have defined our corporate values as part of the business Employee relations During the year, we consolidated our UK operations in six helps to reinforce the importance of all the various factors that affect our overall performance.

Political and Legal: Political and legal factors are the major aspects that directly affects the prospects related to the employee relation in British Airways. Further, top level management has to follow different rules and regulations developed by the government of respective country in order to avoid conflicts between employees and employers (Salas, Bowers and Edend, )/5().

Employee Relations In British Airways. Employee Relations 16/04/ 21/05/ Ms.

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Uzma Farooq Assignment No Assignment Title 1 Understand the context of employee relations against a changing background & Understand the nature of industrial conflict and its One of the main factors for conflict within the organisation is the lack.

An analysis of the external environmental factors that have impacted on British Airways and how this has impacted negatively on employees. An analysis of the internal environmental factors that have impacted on British Airways and how this has further worsened the employer and employee relation.

What are the main contextual factors that have shaped employee relations at british airways
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