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This lab is targeted towards PG students with exercises that will allow one to learn visualising proteins in 3D, how to calculate distance among atoms, find active sites in protein structures and also delve into some structural analysis methods including docking and homology modeling.

Then have them look at the Summary Key 2 Virtual lab 2 cellular processes the overhead, for the homework assignmentand ask how many got it essentially correct you should point out where there can be allowable variations.

How will air return to these spaces? As they begin placing chromosomes on the Mitosis template, walk around quickly, looking for hands where you should go as quickly as you canand looking for proper progress which you should confirm with "Good start", etc. Prepare multiple sets of pipe-cleaner chromosomes, as per directions enough for each student in a class Prepare desktop templates of mitosis and meiosis 1 set for each student could be laminated or placed in plastic sleeves for re-use Run off Worksheet - Summary and extra summary pages for all students to work on.

Larry Flammer, 2. Timing of the M-phase entry is associated with two other protein kinases and the accumulation of p80cdc The key substrates of p34cdc2 protein kinase are: In addition, meiosis provides ways for increased variation random assortment, crossing over, and fertilization--from different lines of ancestry: Search for " bozeman leaf disk lab " a What is the ratio of water to baking soda you will need for your solution?

Studies on simple models of interacting species is the main focus this simulation oriented lab. The key features of the process are as follows. See Teacher Directions for specific things to look for 6.

After introducing meiosis, I developed a lab experience in which they were expected to manipulate pipe-cleaner chromosome models showing key features of mitosis, with every student getting approved for that, then showing key features of meiosis, and getting approved for that. Microbiology Virtual Lab II To study the biochemical properties of microorganisms, the various techniques employed in cultivation of fungi and viruses along with the molecular level analysis of microbial genome.

AP Biology - Investigation: Photosynthesis

One very important group of factors present on the red blood cells is the ABO system. Various experiments will deal with the several parameters of Hodgkin-Huxley equations and will model resting and action potentials, voltage and current clamp, pharmacological effects of drugs that block specific channels etc.

Bio-inspired Robotics Virtual Labs Remote Trigger This remote-triggerable online laboratory will teach experiments and offer to introduce biorobotics and neuronal robot techniques. Crucial to this study are the various interactions between a population and its resources. Repeat for the Meiosis phase.

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A, B, AB and O. The second key protein is cyclin that complexes with p34cdc2 to form the MPF. Place this set into a control beaker that contains only water and expose to light. Virtual Biophysics Lab Remote Trigger This lab will provide an online experience via remote equipment to study biophysics and biophysical techniques.

Have them read the Assumptions. If you see bad starts, say something like "Not quite Add one drop of this dilute soap solution to our bicarbonate solution — do not generate suds.

This virtual lab is an introductory course for undergraduate students and deals with the storage and retrieval of data from different biological databases like Gene, Pubmed, GEO, TAIR, Prosite etc.

Collect leaf disks by punching holes in the dark green portion of a leaf try to get them between the veins. This lab complements some of the exercises in the Virtual Neurophysiology lab. Release the vacuum so that the solution will enter the disks. The protein kinase activity of p34cdc2 is central to the model.

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The spongy mesophyll layer is normally infused with gases, oxygen and carbon dioxide. Repeat steps with another set of 10 disks. Mitosis may have been studied earlier in the context of cell studies, or simple cell reproduction.

This includes eukaryotes such as fungi and, protists and prokaryotes.

CELLULAR RESPIRATION - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Examine the slides below and determine the blood type of the subject in each case. If this leaf disk is placed in a solution with an alternate source of carbon dioxide in the form of bicarbonate ions, then photosynthesis can occur in a sunken leaf disk.

Draw "crossing over" - using your pencil to shade in the areas that exchange parts. With respect to meiosis, when does DNA replication occur? Histone H1 - the phosphorylation of this protein may be important for chromosomal condensation to occur Centrosomal protein - these proteins are associated with centrioles, the organizing center of the cell for microtubules associated with the cytoskeleton Lamin - this is a protein associated with the nuclear envelope p60src - phosphorylation of the mitotic-specific sites of this protein may influence the cytoskeleton and lead to changes in the cell shape other DNA binding proteins that need to be released for chromosomal condensation to occur The studies on yeast and other organisms has lead to the conclusion that a universal control mechanism regulating entry into the M-phase is common to all eukaryotic cells.

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Primarily, it is connected with neurobiology, psychology, neurology, clinical neurophysiology, electrophysiology, biophysical neurophysiology, ethology, neuroanatomy, cognitive science and other brain sciences.Pearson, as an active contributor to the biology learning community, is pleased to provide free access to the Classic edition of The Biology Place to all educators and their students.

Meiosis (Sordaria) Lab Sordaria Images (Virtual Microscope) Respiration Corn Genetics Molecular Genetics Restriction Enzymes Electrophoresis Sickle Cell Anemia Lab Sickle Cell Background Sickle Cell Movie Evolution WebLabs Cell Processes Project. Biodiversity Project. A virtual laboratory would allow scientists in a number of different physical locations, each with unique expertise, computing resources, and/or data to collaborate efficiently not simply at a meeting but in an ongoing way.

Meiosis internet lesson challenges students to go to various websites and view animations and other content on meiosis and gamete formation. This worksheet requires them to answer questions and make sketches.

Cellular Respiration - Cellular Respiration What is Cellular Respiration? Respiration is the process by which cells obtain energy from glucose.

Respiration is the process by which cells obtain energy from glucose. It had already been established in my introduction to meiosis that it accomplishes the shift from 2n to n (2 sets to 1 set) of chromosomes in a cell, while fertilization involves n (1 set) in each gamete, typically, coming together to produce 2n (2 sets) in the zygote, typically.

Virtual lab 2 cellular processes
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