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She wanted a refund. That was early October. The fear of a lawsuit prevented her from discussing the details with TBL, but Scarlet remains an eligible single interested in meeting potential mates.

I retract some misinformation that I posted earlier. Terry Fitzpatrick, the chief operating officer of International Dating Services who identified the Norwell operation by yet another name, Quality Singles, first offered Scarlet matchmaking services at an affiliate in Florida, where she spends her winters.

In late January, Scarlet signed a settlement agreement that included a nondisclosure. Requested a refund and no response. She will give you an honest answer and really listened to me. Once those three days passed, Scarlet was bound to an almost-impenetrable contract. Jamie goes above and beyond to help her clients find there match.

I do however, stand by my understanding of the process as it was told to me by an employee of this firm.

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Scarlet also consulted a lawyer but did not want to challenge eLove publicly. A lot of promises were made from them and nothing was delivered When east-of-the-river Scarlet, 70, The right one matchmaking The Bottom Line last fall, she had not received a referral in almost a year despite having been promised one every six weeks when she signed up.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this review and give cautionary advice to anyone seeking their match through this service. The clause that deflated her hopes for a refund: She also gives her personal cell phone out and is available more than I ever needed her to be.

Including an assessment of who you are and who you are looking for in a partner.

Kevin Hunt: No Love For eLove After Woman Pays Dating Service $7,000

Learn more 9 reviews. I have to go to the small claims route to get my money back and hopefully more people will come out of the woodworks to try to shut this service down. Jamie is great at what she does. When eLove refused, Schaefer sought the refund, damages and punitive damages for breach of contract.

Only actually met one person for one date just to feel better about myself. Did not provide 3 matches a month as promised and the ones they did were not matches at all. After the LoveAccess purchase, Falzone told an interviewer "the reason we bought the online company was to show the online world that we can convert online leads at a large price point.

I had a good experience using the service, the only detail I wish I knew was that you can freeze the service if you start dating someone, if it does not work out you can unfreeze. Every woman they matched me with was a great person but none of them were close to a match for me.

I am optimistic that I will meet someone special soon working with Jamie. As nice as the owner and staff are, they are not the professional matchmakers they claim to be. Scarlet joined eLove after responding to an online ad, even though she knew nothing about the company.

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Very disappointed in the service. Jamie is very forthright and honest. The first thing that impressed me was the very personal approach Jamie takes with getting to know her clients.

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She met a few of them, even seeing two men more than once. I had a number of unfortunate experiences with online dating services. After I signed up and experienced my initial interview, I found that the matchmaking process proceeded very smoothly.

Rose Matchmaking This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative.

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Had I done research ahead of time, I would have seen several negative remarks about them on the Internet. This was clearly communicated with the team at Rose Matchmaking and assurances were made that they had "a lot" of amazing partners that would be a good match for me.

Giving up on online dating, I thought I would give a matchmaker a try. I also attended several networking events with them and they were lackluster at best. I highly recommend Rose Matchmaking.

Houston, TX Since I have been asked about my experience recently a few times; I stand behind my original review.Russian Strapon Mistress (the Big One) Hornytaxi Beautiful Brunette With All The Right Moves Gay Jocks Shane Was The Last One To Get In The Middle And After The.

Having a matchmaking professional assist you makes meeting the right one a whole lot easier! Contact us today and start meeting the people you want and deserve to meet. LEARN MORE.

Meet Mozaic is a discreet matchmaking service for Mature, English-speaking Hong Kong residents. We also offer speed dating, singles events and singles travel club Meet the right one. On August 8, we at Mozaic Club celebrated our one-year anniversary. A big thanks to all of the members and friends who’ve joined our club over the months.

Jul 14,  · I joined the right one three weeks ago, because the girl I met in New York city named Jacqui was lovely. She was so passionate about the service, and she all but gauranteed me that I would meet someone. she affirmed that I am just like the other New Yorkers who are tired of the bar scene, yet attractive and professional etc.

Dating in Atlanta: Find the Right Matchmaker We interviewed one of the most respected – and engaging – names in the industry, One on One Matchmaking President Sarah Kathryn Smith, who explained, "If you're okay with quantity over quality, then online dating is for you.

You will find if you do that no one else will give you one on one service with proven results like the Rose Matchmaking team.

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Meet the Business Owner Jamie R.3/5(9).

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