St crispin s day speech

Keegan also speculated that due to the relatively low number of archers actually involved in killing the French knights roughly by his estimatetogether with the refusal of the English knights to assist in a duty they saw as distastefully unchivalrous and combined with the sheer difficulty of killing such a large number of prisoners in such a short space of time, the actual number of French knights killed might not have even reached the hundreds before the reserves fled the field and Henry called an end to the slaughter.

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Using the lowest French estimate of their own dead of 4, would imply a ratio of nearly 9 to 1 in favour of the English, or over 10 to 1 if the prisoners are included. Without a river obstacle to defend, the French were hesitant to force a battle.

On 19 AprilHenry again asked the Great Council to sanction war with France, and this time they agreed. Three dukesat least eight countsa viscountand an archbishop died, along with numerous other nobles.

There had even been a suggestion that the English would run away rather than give battle when they saw that they would be fighting so many French princes.

The reason for this was that St crispin s day speech site was so narrow that there was only enough room for the men-at-arms. Bynegotiations had ground to a halt, with the English claiming that the French had mocked their claims and ridiculed Henry himself.

Greatest Shakespeare speeches?

The English Gesta Henrici describes three great heaps of the slain around the three main English standards. The fighting lasted about three hours, but eventually the leaders of the second line were killed or captured, as those of the first line had been. The English and Welsh archers on the flanks drove pointed wooden stakesor palings, into the ground at an angle to force cavalry to veer off.

He considers a knight in the best quality steel armour would have been more or less invulnerable to an arrow on the breastplate or top of the helmet, but would still have been vulnerable to shots hitting the limbs, particularly at close range. Barker, following the Gesta Henrici, believed to have been written by an English chaplain who was actually in the baggage train, concludes that the attack happened at the start of the battle.

In any event, Henry ordered the slaughter of what were perhaps several thousand French prisoners, sparing only the highest ranked presumably those most likely to fetch a large ransom under the chivalric system of warfare. This head lowered position restricted both their breathing and their vision.

The French could not cope with the thousands of lightly armoured longbowmen assailants who were much less hindered by the mud and weight of their armour combined with the English men-at-arms. In such a "press" of thousands of men, Rogers finds it plausible that a significant number could have suffocated in their armour, as is described by several sources, and is also known to have happened in other battles.

Upon hearing that his youngest brother Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester had been wounded in the groin, Henry took his household guard and stood over his brother, in the front rank of the fighting, until Humphrey could be dragged to safety.

It is unclear whether the delay occurred because the French were hoping the English would launch a frontal assault and were surprised when the English instead started shooting from their new defensive positionor whether the French mounted knights instead did not react quickly enough to the English advance.

When that campaign took place, it was made easier by the damage done to the political and military structures of Normandy by the battle. The French monk of St. This use of stakes could have been inspired by the Battle of Nicopolis ofwhere forces of the Ottoman Empire used the tactic against French cavalry.The play introduced the famous St Crispin's Day Speech, considered one of Shakespeare's most heroic speeches, in which Henry delivers movingly to his soldiers just before the battle, urging his "band of brothers" to stand together in the forthcoming 25 October (Saint Crispin's Day).

Sep 26,  · If King Henry V gave his St Crispins Day speech to a crowd of Frenchmen - they would have chuckled and laughed - right up until the King started killing prisoners.-Frenchman would have dismissed the speech as blustery grandstanding from a national leader that was nothing more than a.

The St. Crispin’s Day speech is my favorite offering by Shakespeare. But, George, as good as you may think Olivier’s rendition was on film in (during WWII no less), Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V in the cinematic version that he also directed in was, in my estimation, spectacularly better!

Oct 02,  · "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers," from Henry's St. Crispin Day speech among them. "It's not unusual to come across classic lines or. Poet William Shakespeare, All Poems of William Shakespeare and best poem of William Shakespeare, his/her biography, comments and quotations.

St Crispin's Day speech was delivered on 25 October by King Henry V of England to rouse his soldiers on the morning of the Battle of Agincourt, and later chronicled by William Shakespeare in his play, Henry V, in Act IV Scene iii 18– In the speech, which fell on Saint.

St crispin s day speech
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