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New labour argued that certain types of state intevention were needed and coule improve life for families. They encouraged the health and supposedly racially pure to breed a master race, by restricting abortion and contraception. In Nazi Germany the state pursued a twofold policy.

The conservatives also defined divorce as a social problem, and emphasised the continued responsiblty of parents for their children after divorce. Many of these people were later murdered in concentration camps. Social policy has encouraged greater family diversity, increases in divorce, cohabitation, same sex partnerships and lone parenthood, which the new right see as threating the conventional nuclear family and producing social problm such as crime and welfare dependency.

The coalition government introduced gay marriage. What do feminsits believe about social policy? Fletcher agues the introduction of health, education and housing polcies in the years since the industrial revolution has gradually led to the development of a welfare state that supports the family in performing its functions effectively.

They argue policy must be changed, with cuts in welfare spending anf tighter restrictions on welfare spending, and tighter restrictions for who is edgible for benefits. This would have several advantages, cutting welfare would mean tax could also be reduced, both these would give fathers more of an incentive to work.

Feminsits argue it is an attempt to justify a retuen to the tradtional patriarchal nuclear family that subordinated women and confined them to a domestic role. Donzelot has a conflict view of society and he sees policy as a form of state power and control over families.

This threatens two essential functions that the family fulfils for society: Families and social policy- a comparative view of What is a good example of the relationship between social policy and the family?

What has encouraged the changes which the new right see as negative? New labour also supported alternatives to the nuclear family.

How do Marxists and Feminists criticise Donzelot?

Summary: AS/A2 Sociology: Families and Households: Social Policy

Why does Drew use the concept of gender regimes? Feminists such as Land argue that many social polcies assume that the ideal family type is the patriarchal nuclear family with a male provider and female homemaker.

Current policies encourage a dependency culture, where individuals come to depend on the state to support them and their children rather than being self-reliant. They failied to promote the new right ideal of a conventional nuclear family.

Thatchers government banned the promotion of homosexuality by local authorities, this included a ban on teaching that homosexuality was accpetable. It assumes that all members of the family benefit equally from social policies, wheras feminitsts would arggie that policies often benefit men at the expense of women.

Give an example of how social policy for the family creates self-fulfilling prophecy- E. For new right thinkers how does social policy impact family roles and relationships? It wrongly assumes the patriarchal nuclear family is natural rather than socially constructed.

How were new right policies reflected in the new labour government from ?

Sociology - Unit 1:Families and households

Abbott and Wallace argue cutting benefits would drive many poor families into even greater poverty and make them even less self reliant. How the functionalist view of the family and social policy be crticised? Donzelot applies Foucualts concept of surviellance to the family, and he is interested in how professionals carry put the surviellance of families.Families and Households SCLY1 Family = implies blood relations Social Policy Feminists take a critical view of the family, arguing that it oppresses women and reproduces patriarchy (see domestic division of labour and dark side of the family).

families should help each other and not rely on the state. Families pass on good. Summary: AS/A2 Sociology: Families and Households: Social Policy These are notes using both the primary textbook and external sources for Sociology A Level's Families and Household's Social Policy section.

Start studying AS Sociology - Families and Households. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. SCLY1 - Families and Households theorists quiz- Topic 2 Childhood (AQA AS sociology) A comparative view of family policy abolishing the family chinas one child policy nazi family policy Perspectives on families and social policy functionalism the new right new labour feminism marxism Donzelot.

SCLY1 Families and Households Revision.

Families and social policy

Louisa Shenton Families and Households assessment consists of a 1hr exam, answering 3 short questions and 2 24 mark essay questions. This unit can be split into 7 topics, all of which of course have links with one another: ยท Social Policy.

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Scly1 families and households social policy
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