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The 5th paragraph should actually be the 3rd paragraph as it introduces the history and background of the sagging trend. There are people who would argue that sagging pants are simply a fad and will pass over soon but I disagree.

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I believe that if adults and other rule enforcers were to put this issue to a higher importance, more drastic changes would occur. The Constitution is what permits people to wear what they desire, even if the ensemble looks impractical and silly.

The first paragraph in any piece of writing is the most critical. Gerard and Gerardo sat front and center side by side every Tuesday and Thursday. These errors would all have been spotted easily by outlining the paper. By making kids follow the rules, their being taught how to mature and cope with life in a more adult like manner.

Sagging pants so low that one exposes their underwear, needs to be added to the dress code. As the essay discusses how sagging is tied to ignorance, painting the trend in a positive light by linking it to real street-smarts undermines the main point.

These softies from the suburbs do not realize that they are being laughed at by real thugs. Editing Errors While I will mark and label every error I see as I grade a paper, I only choose the three most prevalent errors to focus on in my comments.

Citizens should have the right to wear their pants saggy in public. Educational systems have the right to distinguish a dress code, but a citizen on the street should not be punished for such a racy outfit.

To paraphrase a popular saying: He aimed for the moon and fell among the stars. I do so to encourage students to tackle more advanced sentence structures and to try and incorporate new vocabulary in their writing, but I understand why other teachers prefer to mark off for every instance.

Decency laws are in tact, but are hardly enforced. Gerard had a wealth of knowledge about the rougher part of city-life and I want him to know that his experiences make him an expert able to write authoritatively on the topic.

Revision requires changes in the content and organization of an essay, and are therefore more drastic and costly in terms of grade points. Sagging pants will be an ongoing debate.

This essay has a great deal going for it. Depending on how a person dresses is how a person will be treated. A college student should show respect to their professors as well as fellow students and dress suitably.

I advise the adults of our society to take action and enforce our decency laws. The reason for this is the lack of a thesis statement. If a student wants to be treated with respect and dignity, that student has to dress appropriately.

Semicolons join two closely related independent clauses. I forwarded that e-mail to everyone I knew, I was so proud of him! If clothing restrictions are enforced now, there may be hope for the generations to come.Student Essay Example: The Word Saggin’ Spelled Backwards (Part 2) This paragraph needs one more sentence that tells us that the paper is about how sagging pants and socio-economic status (i.e., low class and ignorance) are linked.

As the essay discusses how sagging is tied to ignorance. Sagging Pants Cohen, Clare Writing December 3, Cohen, Clare Writing December 3, Sagging Pants Sagging pants is a trend that has caused many controversies.

Sagging Pants

“ Sagging ” is wearing pants below the waistline, revealing underwear and even the buttocks. Sagging pants below the waist line, has been a very big issue in the community nowadays, the trend was said to be brought up by prisoners who weren’t allowed to wear belts, due to safety reason back in the days.

Below is an essay on "Sagging Pants" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Within the last two decades, sagging pants have become one of the most noticeable and controversial fashion trends in the United States.

Sagging pants is a trend that has caused many controversies. “Sagging” is wearing pants below the waistline, revealing underwear and even the buttocks. Sagging pants has created publicity in newspapers such as New York Post, online in AOL News, and even on television programs such as American Idol.

ESSAY SAMPLE written strictly. Sep 11,  · For sagging's many detractors, kids wearing their pants below the waist — or below the butt cheeks, in the case of the look's most fervent adherents — has doubled as a reliable shorthand for a.

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