Overview of planning

This is explained more in the RA7 fact sheet.

See page heading below on ways to help. Adults who have a disability from birth special needs, autism, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

They are compensated to provide health care or personal care services to you e. When does a Representation Agreement end? Others named in the Agreement will have paperwork to Overview of planning but do not need witnesses and can sign at a later time and at different times.

Other types of changes require revoking cancelling the existing Agreement and making a new one.

It makes education very challenging. What are the different types of Representation Agreements? A Representation Agreement is an essential document for quality-of-life until end-of-life.

Nidus provides self-help materials and Representation Agreement forms through its website. Never lose the original—you need it to make copies and it is proof of authority. Accessibility was one of the principles behind the legislation. Making a Representation Agreement lets you stay in control of who will help you or act on your behalf — if you have an illness, injury, or disability that affects your mental capacity.

Can a representative resign?

Under the Information tab, you will find other topics and related fact sheets and resources. Do NOT send any paperwork to Nidus. Some aspects of the RA Act are unique in the world. Those you appoint may live in another city, province, or country. Can I revoke my Representation Agreement?

RA Overview Fact Sheet

The fact sheets explain the forms and where to find the form on the Nidus website homepage that matches the situation.A Representation Agreement is the only way to authorize someone to make health care and personal care decisions on your behalf. It can also cover routine financial and legal affairs.

Enduring Power of Attorney only covers financial and legal affairs.

Overview of planning
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