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Do tables count in word count extended essay. Uses People can move to distance places by catching a train from the railway station. At present, railway station are quite common in India.

F The first underground train stations were made of wood. Some passengers are found sitting on the cement benches. When this bar keeps horizontal, a train does not come in or go out. It is seldom dull and noiseless.

There is a heavy rush at the entrance of each second-class compartment. Some are of mediocre type. Hawkers are busy with their business.

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On the platform, vendors sell tea, sweets, and fruits. The bell rings announcing that the train is due to arrive soon. Some were reading newspaper. Now the train steams into the railway station and halts on the scheduled platform.

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The railway platform is made of chips and mortar. Then I rushed to platform no. I had no option but to wait for the train at station.

People who come to receive their kith and kin have a happy smiling face.

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Then the train leaves the station. As the train arrives, there is a great rush of people. The station master marks the time and waves the green flag. I went to the local railway 1 station at about 8. The engine whistles and the train glide out of the station.

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Can any one please write an essay on the topic "One hour at the railway station". Along the railway lines there are several platforms. Pinterest Essay on Railway Station words The train stops at a railway station for a few minutes.

TTEs were also found moving with files and charts in their hands. It is raised quite close to the door-still of the railway bodies. It is always full of life and excitement. The coming and going of the trains continues twenty-four hours.

Dip in the pool analysis essay. The guard on the train blows the whistle and responds waving the green flag. After taking the ticket I rushed to the platform where I was surprised at the announcement that the train was late by an hour.

The waiting hall was crowded with all sorts. Some passengers throng at the tea-stall for tea or snacks, some others are at the fruiterer to buy fruit, The young passengers walk up and down the platform and enjoy the scenes and thus while away their time. People are always moving-either getting down from the trains or getting into them.

The railway-bell rings to show that the lines are clear or the train is out or the train comes in. The rush at the door of the compartment is a chance for the pickpockets.Dec 16,  · Can any one please write an essay on the topic "One hour at the railway station".It should be more than it is a little bit smaller than that it is please do essay will get 10 points from Resolved.

Writing sample of essay on a given topic "The Railway Station" The Railway Station (Essay Sample) October 4, by admin Essay Samples, This is to enable passengers find their way into the train easily. New York records one of the biggest countries with the largest platform and holds the biggest railway station in the entire world.

1 Hour At Railway Station Essay Writing. words sample essay on Scene at a Railway Station continues twenty-four hours. Trains enter the platform; people get ready to get into them. Essay on one hour on railway station An Hour On A Railway Platform quot.

Dec 30,  · One Hour At Railway Station Essay Writer. An Hour At Railway Station Basit Rasool It was Monday and I was supposed to take train to Banihal from Bijbehara. People were rushing towards Railway Station.

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There I saw different nbsp. The railway station presents a very interesting sight. It is full of life and activities. One finds a number of two-wheelers, three-wheelers, taxis, rickshaws a way from the station at the parking place.

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