Nitendo case

Atari sought to copy the entire 10NES program to ensure compatibility with future versions of the Nintendo console. The Court disagreed, drawing the distinction between a copyrightable computer program and mere computer data which was not eligible for copyright protection.

The lock and key send synchronized encoded data streams back and forth which unlock the console when an authorized game is inserted.

Although the Court stopped short of granting summary judgment to Atari on the issue of obviousness, it noted that Atari would likely prevail at trial. Computer statements that manipulate data fall within the definition of computer program, but the data being manipulated does not.

Nintendo of America, Inc. Although the Rabbit was developed using a different microprocessor and different computer language, it sent data streams to the Nintendo console identical to those sent by Nintendo games.

Further, the motivation to combine these references can be found in the Roe patent itself, which mentions its possible adaptation to video games. The Court noted that while data notes and variable silences might be copyrightable within a musical composition, they are not copyrightable as a means to enable data communication.

This would tip the balance in favor of game developers, and inhibit the market for new gaming consoles.

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In Marchbefore the adjudication of these issues, the two sides settled. The Court points out that Atari does not manufacture both the games and the console, and therefore cannot literally infringe on the language of claim 1, which requires two devices.

Copyright Infringement The Court first took on the issue of whether the data streams sent from the game cartridges to the gaming console constituted copyrightable expression. The Court faced a problem with claim 1, namely that a predetermined relationship between the execution of programs is an inherently ambiguous statement.

The Court sided with Nintendo on this issue, holding that Atari may not copy portions of the program needed only for future compatibility.

When an unauthorized game is inserted, the console remains locked, thus preventing game manufacturers for designing NES-compatible games without receiving keys from Nintendo. However, the Court limited Atari to copying only the portions of the 10NES program required to send the correct data sequence to the Nintendo console.

Patent Infringement Nintendo, largely unable to avail itself of copyright protection for its 10NES data stream sequences, also relied on a traditional patent infringement claim.

This lawsuit followed; Nintendo filed for copyright infringement of the 10NES security program and infringement of U. Since Nintendo could no longer stop Atari from building Nintendo-compatible games technologically, it was determined to stop them legally.

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Nitendo case
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