Mao zedong paper 1 ib

Meet some of the key characters relating to the topic, learn about some of the key documents and artefacts, and take a series of tests before being given an overall score in this decision-making adventure.

Timeline - Overview using Video 8 minutes After copying down the information from the presentationstudents then watch the first 8.

This sourcepack comes complete with questions and is broken up logically into sections relating to three key periods leading to the rise of Mao. Students are put into teams and play this competitive game which tests their knowledge and develops their understanding.

You can play as many rounds as you wish. Essay Writing Task Students are presented with three possible essay titles, which the teacher can either divide between the class as a homework task OR one of which can be randomly chosen in a subsequent lesson and answered by the entire class in timed conditions.

Students should take notes!

Each student is also given a score, which the teacher can record in the markbook. They get 50 points if they guess it correctly. All students should start the quiz at the same time, with 10 minutes available.

Fling the Teacher Challenge [interactive] An end-of unit challenge with 45 possible questions. This short-answer test, based on the video, can be used as a way of testing that students have gathered the essential information.

A brief overview of the main parties involved and the key events. I build up a "leaderboard" of quiz results throughout the year, and especially during revision period! Award 10 points to anyone finishing the quiz successfully within the first minute, 9 points to anyone finishing within the second minute, and so on.

Students and teachers can ensure that they have covered the essential information by using this interactive newsfeed, which covers all of the major points in extra detail.

At this point, students can watch this second video clip and make additional notes as appropriate. An incorrect guess at any point means they get zero points for that round. Individual Research Task For the next task, students are provided with a blank version of this grid.

With the chronological narrative now complete, students should turn their timeline into a thematic analysis using the structure recommended in this worksheet.

The class should start by going back through the source pack and deciding where and why each source can be placed in the table. Each student is allocated one cell, and use timelines, textbooks and websites to produce a PowerPoint presentation on it.

The Chinese Civil War and the Rise of Mao [interactive] After the class has had a feedback session based on the individual research tasks, students should complete this interactive exercise which tests their knowledge of the essential points and which additionally provides them with a thorough, completed table of information with which to develop their original notes.

If you are unfamiliar with the format of the game, click here for instructions.7. China under Mao. Edit 0 87 Essay questions- Authoritarian States-Rise to Power- Paper 2 1.

“Analyse the methods used and the conditions which helped in the rise to power of one ruler of a single party state”. 2.

To what extent was the rise to power of either Hitler or Mao due to personal appeal and ability? IB History China Under.

IB History Notes. Home Communist China To Mao, the "paper tigers;" or reactionaries, although they might look more powerful, were not to be feared because they only represent "reaction," where the Communists "represent progress." 1 November PRC Formed December CCP forces h completely overwhelm GMD armies.

Paper 1: Mao Zedong 1. A) According to source A, Mao Zedong along with the Party Central Committee were able to efficiently construct a socialist system in China, within a very short period of time. The struggle for power following the death of Mao Zedong, Hua Guofeng, the reemergence of Deng Xiaoping and the defeat of the Gang of Four Events Before Mao was the leader of the People's Republic of China since it was created in Start studying Mao Zedong IB History Paper 2.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. IB WORLD TOPICS PAPER 1 PRACTICE TEST (By Mark Korompay) Read Sources A to D and answer questions 1 to 4 below.

The sources and questions relate to Mao Zedong’s leadership of the CCP. 1.

IB History Notes

(a) How, according to Source A would someone describe the character of Mao Zedong? (b) What is the message conveyed by Source D?

Mao zedong paper 1 ib
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