Lighttpd rewrite all requests all the time

First, the Burp request: Once you know the rules it is often much easier to play the game and win. Side by side the two requests look identical with the request going to secret.

Wed, 18 Apr The request URL is invalid. This is a better rule, it says, from the start of the page name, any number of slashes followed by secret.

This prevents our original bypass as zero slashes is allowed as well as the later one where two or more slashes were used. There were a few extra headers thrown in by Firefox but that is to be expected. After converting it, lets try again: There are a couple of differences, this request has the curl user agent and an extra accept header.

Sun, 22 Apr One last solution would depend on the purpose of secret. If not Firefox, can I see the content using curl? As well as doing the app testing, the client also asked for a review of server config and as part of that they provided the lighttpd config, I was working through that when I spotted this line: The first URL I tried was: I make a connection, copy the request from Repeater and WAFs and other simple protection systems often reply on user agent checking so maybe it is that simple, lets try curl again removing both these extra headers: Knowing this, I wanted to see if I could view the content with curl or in a browser.

What does the hex view look like? If you are not a vim user, the unix2dos app from the dos2unix package is also an option. If you want to fix it with the rewrite rules, the easiest way to do it is to remove the leading slash from the regex: I also confirmed that all three are happy with with DOS or Unix line endings.We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Lighttpd localy serving FastCGI with forwarding all request to other sever at same time. Ask Question.

Is there any way how to serve all requests on Lighttpd with local FastCGI lighttpd mod_rewrite vs. apache mod_rewrite with Django and FastCGI.


Lighttpd mod_rewrite and SSL. Ask Question. billsimas.come-once can be placed without conditional but it seems that it will not work all the time according to some forums. share | improve this answer. answered Feb 10 '10 at Lighttpd and OpenCart GET requests with mod_rewrite.

0. Lighttpd mod_rewrite to Apache mod_rewrite. 2. In our case, Lighttpd is the web server to the outside, whilst Apache will still get all requests as usual. Excursion: mod_proxy mod_proxy is the module that allows Lighttpd to relay requests to another web server.

Redirect all http & https requests with lighttpd. Ask Question. I would like to redirect all requests (http & https) to the PirateBox Uri, I would expect the default port of 80 to be used for the redirect.

As a side note, the https request seems to time out like https traffic makes it to lighttpd. – TheLukeMcCarthy Jun 3. Lighttpd: redirect any request to Ask Question. I want all requests to go to / You said you wanted to prevent athis will do that.

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Lighttpd rewrite all requests all the time
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