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He has an extensive repertoire with community leaders, government officials and other similar non-profits organizations. Ed in Agency Counseling. Chris West, Maintenance Manager Maintenance Manager is responsible for overall maintenance of facility and machinery.

IOI provides staff members that are well-trained and prepared for service through a combination of classroom instruction, online training, and client-specific in-services.

We also have a fully developed internal quality assurance department that reviews programming, provides training, administers requirements of state and agency policy, and facilitates the client grievance mechanism.

He has a BS degree in mathematics. IOI continues to provide residential and community-based services that address a full range of needs and hopes. In the process our mission is carried out as we seek to: Shannin plans and carries out policies relating to phases of personnel activity.

He has been acting as project manager of the Government Contract Division since This includes in-house training, job placement and job coaching services.

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To whom is IOI accountable? Recruits, interviews, and selects employees to fill vacant positions. He has attended numerous continuing education training and re-certification workshops throughout his employment at IOI. Dennis has worked on preparing quotes for potential contract work and has participated in Elastic Products marketing activities on an as needed basis.

She maintains our state licensure, Medicaid enrollment and monitoring from our Local Management Entity. He has been the Murphy Medical Center Treasurer since Our agency is surveyed on a yearly basis by state auditors and subject to ongoing review as prescribed by policy and as needed.

Tom has extensive knowledge Ioi case experience in developing budgets and management. Jeanette does the costing of new products as well as most samples for the products costed. Through the Medicaid funded Home and Community Based Services Waiver, we work alongside people to create opportunities outside of any diagnosis and to find new successes for independent living.

Stacey has been employed with IOI since Eddie has been with IOI since Her previous work history includes working with people with developmental disabilities, mental disabilities and substance abuse in various settings.

He began as a Quality Inspector and later was promoted to the Quality Manager. Relieves President of administrative details and office management functions. Jim has been with IOI since The camouflage printed webbings are provided to licensed customers who in turn manufacture finished camouflage products, such as dog collars, treestand harnesses, rifle slings, straps, arm guards, to name a few.

Who does IOI serve? Jim worked directly with adults with disabilities on job training both at IOI and at a competitive employment site. Most positions have been in his strength of accounting and finance, but he has held other positions such as Operations Manager, Superintendent and Plant Manager.

IOI is a not-for-profit corporation established in Oklahoma to serve persons in our communities who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. He was responsible for costing out new lines for military products, Government contracts and for purchasing equipment and setting up and starting the new products.

From being Operations Manager at a Body Armor manufacturer to being the President of PACA, a producer of military apparel, Pat is well versed in mil-specs, all aspects of sewing production, and military proposal writing.

IOI serves people without any regard to race, religion, national origin, creed, age, sex, ethnic background, or personal challenge. Lynne has been with IOI since This case studies series looks at the business risks companies may encounter when they source commodities from areas with deforestation.

It spotlights three companies (IOI Corporation, JBS, and United Cacao) and summarizes the business risks and negative financial consequences they faced. IOI has representation on its governing body from a broad cross-section of the community, representing various community interests.

IOI Staff, Officers, Board of Directors - IOI Industrial Opportunities, Inc. Working with adults with disabilities to achieve employment. IOI Group is a leading global integrated palm oil player and one of the largest property development cum investment companies in Malaysia.

Independent Opportunities, Inc. (IOI) is a not-for-profit corporation established in Oklahoma to serve persons in our communities who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.

we also provide case management services for members in the Oklahoma ADvantage program and elder care services in Tennessee.

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Who does IOI serve? IOI. *Terms & conditions: (a) The above additional discounts are based on gross prices with the original IOI Privilege Card/LiVO rebate still based on net prices.

Jan 17,  · In IOI’s own pricing format announcement it was clearly stated that everything would remain available for individual purchase, but that simply isn’t the case. I’ve been sitting here for months aggravated because I’m missing 1 main episode (Ep 6) and the summer bonus episode.

Ioi case
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