Golf titleist 762 and the titleist

These irons inspire restraint, but they do not inspire creative shotmaking. Those players who like to finesse their short irons will probably find the heads a bit awkward when being manipulated through the ball.

Titleist DCI 762 Iron Set

The OS model is intended for higher-handicapped players who need the considerable forgiveness provided by oversized heads, exaggerated cavities, longer shaft lengths and very pronounced offsets. Offsets are minimal for a game improvement iron.

That does not mean that all players will be happy with these Titleists, however. Even those not fond of plastic cavity medallions have found these inserts to be attractive additions. The weight savings brought about by this essentially hollow center are redistributed around the sole and perimeter the for additional forgiveness.

Distances have been quite good, but not exceptional. The clubs themselves are slightly oversized, to increase the hitting area, with progressive offset to make them easier to hit.

Superficially, the similarities between thethe and the are substantial. Thanks to the heavy soles, balls get up easily from both thick and thin lies. At impact, they feel softer than previous Titleist irons, but still solidly serious.

Few irons have ever come through that have provided more consistent reactions from our testers. The cavity has a multi piece carbon and mylar insert for better feel and sound. However, our expert fitters, certified in Titleist equipment, will help you find the correct Titleist irons to fit your game.

These Titleists have a restrained attitude of control about them that nicely matches their understated appearance. From stem to stern, they look like high-quality sticks. With low swingweights and heavy, half-cord grips, they swing lightly and easily.

From short to long irons, all clubs were easy to hit well. The cavity also allows for a higher Moment of Inertia that translates to better results for shots not hit on the sweet spot.

It must be remembered that they are deep, wide-soled cavity backs in spite of appearances. Many will prefer irons that offer more direct feedback and work the ball better. While the brightness of the gold accents gives the OS an alluring look on the rack, that pizzazz disappears at address.

Irons come in all different shapes and sizes: Knowing the correct style to fit your swing may be difficult at times. All Products The Titleist DCI irons are a great game improvement set for players that need more forgiveness from their irons.

Sensitivity on touch shots around the green is more than a little muted. They set up nicely behind the ball. It can be an immediate turn-off to many experienced players. Each found them to be very stable and consistently accurate. Our testers found these playing differences immediately apparent.

They may hit too straight for those who like to shape their shots. Balls land softly and green-holding abilities are good even for those who do not generate much spin to the ball.

The weight mass of mylar is minimal when compared to steel.Model Reviewed: Titleist DCI irons Had these irons for a about 2 and 1/2 years now. Not the best irons Titleist has made, but they work very well for me, and have helped me to hit the ball better/5().

Titleist DCI Iron Set 3-PW golf clubs. golf store offers superior selection, service, and quality for your new, closeout, and used golf club equipment needs/5(6). Titleist DCI Iron Individual golf clubs. golf store offers superior selection, service, and quality for your new, closeout, and used golf club equipment needs.4/4(1).

What's In Your Golf Bag? Do you already play with Titleist golf clubs? Add them to your Team Titleist golf bag and let other members know what you're playing with!. What's In Your Bag? Do you already play with Titleist clubs?

Titleist DCI 762 3-PW Iron Set Used Golf Club

Add them to your Team Titleist bag and let other members know what you're playing with! The Titleist DCI irons have a large volume cavity, progressive offset and dual hosel lengths to give exact weight distribution for solid feel and consistent ball flight.

The high performing DCI irons have a blade type look that caters to the low-to-mid handicap players.4/5(1).

Golf titleist 762 and the titleist
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