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In the course of the last few years, several Global Global research newspaper authors have received awards for their writings. Benjamin Thomson, a physician who has worked in Gaza and is behind an exciting initiative to power Gaza hospitals with Solar panels.

Inan agreement —focussing specifically on research and outreach education to rural areas— was signed with the Autonomous National University of Nicaragua, Managua UNAN. Global Research Authors SinceGlobal Research has established an international network of authors, scholars, and investigative journalists.

He is also author of the forthcoming Peak Choice: Emphasis has been placed on establishing a comprehensive archive of Global Research articles and Global research newspaper material. William Blum is a long-time critic Global research newspaper US foreign policy.

The Global Research archive includes more than 50, articles and news reports. In the second half hour, scholar, RMIT University lecturer and Counterpunch contributing editor Binoy Kampmark talks about the background of Syriza, the political culture on the ground, and what the future may hold for a financially emancipated Greece as well as other European countries.

She also outlines aspects of the Fukushima cover-up, and why international bodies and media are failing to hold nuclear and government agencies to account.

She tells us of the criminal neglect perpetrated by the trump junta against the american citizens in her native island. Can boots on the ground be avoided? Is there an ulterior motive to the bombing campaign related to regional control? He outlines the mechanisms employed to stop any threat to the establishment from ever becoming elected president.

In this interview, Blum outlines his reservations about Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the problematic media coverage of the campaign, and the astonishing view that Trump may actually be the less objectionable in certain respects than both Sanders and Clinton. From Austerity to Prosperity?

This will help Global Research in its endeavors. Many Global Research authors have developed their own blog sites. Searching for Democracy in a Broken System — In turn, Global Research articles are widely cross-posted by the independent online media.

More than 10, authors have contributed to Global Research. This hour attempts to address these and other questions. Ellen Brown of the Public Banking Institute explains the role of Goldman Sachs in setting up Greece for a fall, and how the Mediterranean country could survive the end of the bail-outs.

Yesenia is a great activist currently based in North Carolina. Global Research sends selected articles by email at no charge in the form of an electronic newsletter.

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He also explains how the energy and economic decline is becoming reflected in the politics of the Trump campaign. He has been a writer, political activist, ecological campaigner and permaculture practitioner for over three decades.

Global Research News Hour — Since Septemberwe have established an extensive archive of news articles, in-depth reports, and analysis on issues which are barely covered by the mainstream media. The Centre also acts as a think-tank on crucial economic and geopolitical issues.

However, the entrance into the race for US president of candidates Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump who both reject funding from Wall Street threatens to challenge that truism.

Global Research — Doomsday Scenarios: With a boring candidate for governor, the Democrats may drag the superb US Senator Sherrod Brown into the lost column. Mark Robinowitz is publisher of oilempire dot us, a political map to connect the dots.

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Just click the on the logo above to read my articles. In this interview, Robinowitz equates the choice between the Democrats and the Republicans to one between death by lethal injection and death by the electric chair.The reason is simple: Global Research has created a unique alternative to the industry's well-established recruitment options.

The ingenuity of the company's founder and President, Richard R. Wolf, has resulted in greater success in all areas of recruitment. Aug 30,  · Global Research Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times.

Global Research Blogs, Comments and Archive News on Sep 09,  · Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 31 Million Jobs Destroyed | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization Prominent in the news this past week was the report that Amazon and its CEO, Jeff Bezos, reached /5(K).

The Global Research website at publishes news articles, commentary, background research and analysis on a broad range of issues, focusing on social, economic, strategic and environmental issues.

A number of representatives of the U.S. Global Change Research Program, Interagency Working Group participants, and National Climate Assessment authors (Federal and non-Federal) will be attending the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting from December in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Let’s start with the big news: As of last. Sep 11,  · Your source for the latest research news. Follow Subscribe.

Just In: — The impact of global warming on shallow marine life approximately 56 million years ago is the subject of a.

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