Faculty of business studies

There is a library having a wide collection of contemporary books and journals for all the departments under the Faculty. Provide students with the knowledge to succeed in their chosen field and ensure the development of skills in problem solving, ethical decision making, communications, teamwork, and leadership.

At present a total of students are being admitted per batch 70 students in each Department in this Program. Our graduates are very well employed and have made their way to various top positions in business life. Attract, and retain faculty dedicated to education, scholarship and the mission of the FBS.

The quality of our education has been one of the guiding values and success factors of the faculty. Acquire and provide knowledge about the different approaches to the analysis and explanation of business problems; how to set targets and plan how to achieve them.

The academic staff at the faculty consists of highly qualified lecturers with proven teaching experience and significant scientific achievements, who have implemented a number of educational, scientific and business-oriented national and international projects and also have publications in in the country and abroad.

Produce primarily basic research, with supporting efforts in applied and pedagogical research that contributes to and complements the mission the AOU. The commitment, innovation, creativity and continuous learning of every employee contribute to our success. Studying Business is your way to: The Faculty of Business Studies has established long-term co-operation with financial institutions, companies, sectoral organisations for the implementation of internships, work placements, seminars and joint projects.

Diversity and inclusiveness enhance the quality both of learning and of the workplace. The Faculty of Business Studies provides state-of-the-art tuition, carried out in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System ECTSwhich provides a basis for comparison and enables the international mobility of students.

The Business programme is offered in four tracks as follows: We are accountable to our students, to each other and to the public. Are you able to collaborate?

I chose University of Dhaka because I saw greatness evident in the institution and other indicators which supported my conclusion that DU has the conductive atmosphere.

Why study Business at AOU? Thus, AOU is a large multicultural community in which students communicate with their colleagues over seven different countries and enjoy the sense of belonging.

Faculty of Business Studies

Internationality is visible in the increasing number of international students and staff, which means we can offer an increasingly international learning and research environment.

Attract and develop outstanding students who are dedicated to intellectual excellence. We engage in reflective practice through the scholarship of discovery and the scholarship of teaching.

Our programmes have recently been updated with the help of experts in business life. Are you able to negotiate? Greatness can be found in seemingly ordinary raw material, which evolves into extraordinary final products nourishing and polishing is the key to brilliance.

This way we make sure that our education fulfils the needs of business life. As a result all graduates receive two fully accredited degree certificates, one from AOU and one from the OU.

Faculty of business studies Department of Marketing and the Department of Finance were created in The key priority of the Faculty of Business Studies is to provide training geared towards acquiring practical skills to meet the requirements of employers.

Are you able to plan for your life? It aims at graduating students who have the knowledge to succeed in their chosen filed. It is the expert cutting and polishing which produce brilliance.

The following Departments also publish their anaual Departmental Journals under the titles mentioned against the respective Departments: The following is a sample of the potential careers:Faculty of Business Studies Faculty of Business Studies Arab Open University’s Faculty of Business Studies (FBS) is non-traditional in approach, creative in.

The Faculty of Commerce was renamed as the Faculty of Business Studies in Duringthe names of the billsimas.com (Hons.) and billsimas.com degrees were changed to BBA and MBA degrees respectively. From the same academic session, the 4-year BBA Program was introduced in place of 3-year billsimas.com (Hons) Program.

The Faculty of Business Studies at Burgas Free University provides training and does scientific research in the field of economics and business administration.

Three department councils function within the structure of the Faculty: ‘Finance and Accounting’, ‘Marketing’ and ‘Business Administration’. Faculty of Business Studies From business studies to a successful professional career.

Due to its background as a school of economics, the University of Vaasa has a long tradition as an education and research organisation in business studies.

k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos taken at ‘Faculty of Business Studies (FBS), University of Dhaka’. The Faculty Of Business Studies was established as the School of business in January when the Board of Directors decided to convert the College of Information Technology and Management Systems into a University College.

The Faculty is the largest of the three Academic Centers of the University College.

Faculty of business studies
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