English honors thesis

Students must complete an application; supply a brief writing sample, and request two letters of recommendation from English faculty with whom they have taken courses.

Students should remember that this is a long timeframe and that unforeseen circumstances may alter arrangements. At the beginning of the semester, a schedule for submitting drafts and revisions as well as a final due date for the essay should be established.

English Honors Sequence

At English honors thesis end of the senior year fall term, a student must submit approximately 25 pages of draft material toward the thesis. A draft of the entire thesis should be completed by the end of winter study; the finished thesis is due on the third Monday following spring break.

It is up to the student to decide how explicitly he or she wants to make the connections between the critical and creative portions of the thesis. Final decisions about the time frame for thesis composition will be English honors thesis by thesis-writer English honors thesis advisor, however, thesis-writers should plan to meet with their advisors at the minimum once a month during the spring semester.

For example, a student writing a memoir may choose to write an essay on contemporary memoirists such as Joan Didion or Cheryl Strayed. Additional Information For most students, the application process will take place in the spring semester of their junior year.

The Honors Thesis The Honors thesis is an extended essay, usually between 50 and 80 pages, written under the supervision of a department faculty advisor and second reader.

If necessary, letters may come from faculty in related departments. The Director of Undergraduate Studies will do all possible to make sure all qualified students complete honors theses but unfortunately can offer no guarantees.

The critical essay is a thesis of pages in length involving a significant component of research in its preparation and composition. Admission Students apply to the Honors Program early in the second semester of their junior year.

Formal application to pursue honors must be made to the director of honors Gage McWeeny by April of the junior year. All honors projects are evaluated by not only the advisor, but by two other faculty members.

Therefore, if you are planning to graduate in December, you will need to adjust your schedule accordingly. ENGL is the Senior Honors Seminar, in which students begin to research and write their theses, as well as meet to discuss their work.

To be eligible for admission, students must have received more As than Bs and no Cs or below in concentration courses completed. Specific deadlines for admission are announced annually and are available on the department website. However, he or she must then present that paper to an English class or an English honors committee.

There are two main varieties of senior essays: An important final component of the process is a presentation during which the student will be expected to discuss his or her research with an English class or with a committee of faculty.


Students writing a critical thesis must, by graduation, take at least eight regular-semester courses, and, in addition, take English and English fall Honors colloquium and spring Honors Independent Study and English W31 Senior Thesis, winter study during senior year.

Letters from teaching assistants may only serve as supporting recommendations. Interested concentrators should speak to the Honors Advisor early in their junior year to discuss their plans.

The undergraduate advisor Mary Moore will issue permission numbers to approved students during the early registration period. Students interested in pursuing a creative writing thesis should have completed the three-course sequence in their chosen genre prior to taking Wednesday, April 24, The student may choose to write a research essay on the work of an individual writer or group of writers.

The proposal, a 3-page description of the thesis project, should indicate the subject to be investigated and the arguments to be considered, along with a bibliography. This introduction should reflect the capacities and interests of the individual student, and therefore will be quite various in approach.

Students with questions about the content and form of the introduction should contact their advisor or the English honors thesis of Undergraduate Studies. Honors candidates must continue to receive more As than Bs in courses taken as part of the concentration.

Wednesday, Thesis advisors submit reports to Professor Armstrong. Requirements The course requirements for the English Honors Program are the same as those for the regular concentration, with the following additions: Each Honors student must turn in a minimum of 25 pages of draft material to the thesis advisor and second reader to receive a grade for ENGL The program is intended for those students with a strong desire to conduct independent research under the supervision of a thesis advisor and culminates in the writing of a thesis during the senior year.

Where appropriate, the advisor or the reader, but not both, may be in another department. A student who has been accepted into the University Honors Program and who writes an acceptable English thesis for that program may use the same thesis to meet the requirement for English honors.

Applicants must submit a letter to the department chair explaining their interest in pursuing English honors of intent outlining a proposed English honors project, and must also provide two letters of recommendation from ECSU English faculty.

Professor Armstrong will submit registration overrides to Banner. Some possible approaches, however, may include:The Honors Program in English The English Honors Program is intended for students who have been highly successful in their English concentration coursework and who want the opportunity to pursue a research project in more depth than is possible in an undergraduate seminar.

Interdisciplinary Thesis for Double Honors In order for a thesis to satisfy the honors requirements of English and another department, the student must gain approval from and work with two directors, one in each department.

A double honors thesis must be interdisciplinary in nature. What this handout is about Writing a senior honors thesis, or any major research essay, can seem daunting at first. A thesis requires a reflective, multi-stage writing process. This handout will walk you through those stages.

It is targeted at Continued. Honors students take 15 units of Honors in their senior year: 5 units (English A. Senior Honors Seminar) in Autumn + 10 thesis units (English Senior Honors Essay) distributed over the Winter and Spring. English Honors English majors with at least 60 credits and a GPA of at least in the major who have both the aptitude and the motivation to carry out advanced independent work may ask to be considered for English honors, a distinction which will appear on a student’s academic transcript.

English Honors Sequence Information for Prospective Thesis Writers To graduate with departmental honors, students must have a GPA or above in English and a GPA overall and have completed the two course sequence beginning with English “The Honors Seminar in English” and ending with English “The Honors Thesis.”.

English honors thesis
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