Cultural appropriation essay

Their bruised abnormal mouths match their painful expressions. Because at the end of the day, Rachel can straighten her hair and lose the tan and go back to getting all the white privilege she can get her hands on. However, it is still not suitable to do so.

As a writer, I plan to grow a bit more by exploring different topics like these and not being afraid to share my opinions on controversial topics such as this.

Everyday Feminism, 14 June In this Cultural appropriation essay, I explore the cons of cultural appropriation, as well as explain the parallels of cultural appropriation vs. Black girls are born into this world with Cultural appropriation essay full lips but instead of admiration, we receive mockery.

For instance, Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who passed off as a black woman; complete disrespect to black women everywhere. Cloaks of shame are thrown onto our bodies and our identities.

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I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to do so. I stand in front of the spotless mirror in the corner of my bedroom. It is a long afternoon awaited; I just got back home from school and my entire body AND brain aches from the daily school-tasks of, writing, studying and thinking, purely exhausting.

They adopt what we identify with and make it into their own. I feel a surge of anger flow through my veins; the prickly heat of rage and disappointment seeps throughout my blood.

Society values the cultural objects, identities and items of an oppressed people when it is in the possession of a white person. These 9 Answers Reveal Its Harm.

I wanted to write about a topic that I am very passionate about. From our broad noses, to our thick lips, to our curvy hips and voluptuous behinds. Channeling a culture as your own is impertinent. Below these images I see in big, bold, blue text: I examine every crevice and curve of my face.

The white man will not suffer because of his privilege. He wears them, without undergoing the several obstacles that a black man with locks will deal with. Everyone who is somewhat close to me knows how much on a daily basis I talk about cultural appropriation and my views and belief on it.

What better way to relax than to scroll endlessly, drifting off into a hazy cloud of social media? Cultural appropriation is an extremely disrespectful act. Because culture that people of color identify themselves with are only seen as significant and appropriate when associated with white people.

Whites were able to express their culture freely. The hazy cold-blue light of the cellular device projects onto my face when suddenly my eyes widen with confusion. Because of that, I grew up very insecure and never saw the real beauty in me and people similar to me. Even now, it is still hard to see any representation of black women.

Images of people with distorted lips appear all on my news feed. Because the one who the culture belongs to will be treated unfairly compared to the one who is appropriating it. Suffocated by the soft, downy pillows and encapsulated by the fleecy fabric of my comforter, I lay on my bed engulfed into the images etched onto the screen of my phone.

My eyes pour water out my tear ducts and in them, I bask in the rainfall of self-hate. When people of color came to this country excluding Native Americans they were shunned for expressing their culture. Why does social media praise this girl as if she the almighty creator of big lips?

But I am not the only black female who has experienced this self conflict. But it is the black man with dreadlocks who will suffer those stereotypes because of his race. For example, a white man decides to grow dreadlocks, with preconceived information about the value of growing this popular black hair-style and the symbolism it represents.

People of color were forced to accept white culture as a means of being accepted. We as people of color, know how it feels for someone to make fun of our culture, so when we see other people of color exploring and rocking our culture, we see it as appreciation because at least we understand.

As a young black girl, I rarely ever saw any depiction of my features in the media.Write a formal essay for an academic audience made up of your instructor and your peers.

Use a passive construction (that is, don’t use “I,” even though you will be. Why does cultural appropriation happen? Cultural appropriation is a by-product of imperialism, capitalism, oppression, and assimilation.

Imperialism is the creation and maintenance of an unequal cultural, economic, and territorial relationship, usually between states and o!en in the form of an empire, based on domination and subor-dination.

Cultural appropriation: the adopting of one’s culture as a trend, while simultaneously, ignoring the cultural significance of the object that is being appropriated, and being praised for it. Cultural appropriation is an extremely disrespectful act. The Dichotomy of Cultural Appropriation Essay The Dichotomy of Cultural Appropriation | Womanist Musings Wednesday, September 12, Cultural appropriation is the ultimate dichotomy.

The conqueror or oppressor says that a group of people are worthless, that they are less than human and don’t deserve equal rights. Cultural appropriation is the act of negatively using ones culture (usually a hairstyle or item of clothing) for fashion without acknowledging the culture or its origins/5(1).

Jun 28,  · Essay: Cultural Appropriation Is, In Fact, Indefensible: Code Switch Recently, the New York Times published an essay defending cultural appropriation as necessary engagement. But that's a simplistic, misguided way of looking at appropriation, which causes real harm.

Cultural appropriation essay
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