Carbon footprint of woolworths

Ensure there is a good supply of cool air around the compressor: Refrigeration Keep freezer doors closed: Energy Switch off all lights and appliances at night.

Maintain your equipment properly. Keep the thermostat away from draughts or hot and cold spots. Unless, that is, you get your hands on reusable ones.

Compressed air Find and fix leaks: Disposing of disposables Most Australian states and territories are phasing out single-use plastic bags, as are Coles and Woolworths.

How to take action and reduce your carbon footprint

The cooling system will need to work harder to cool an area that is constantly being heated. When you next change your motor, replace it with a Higher Efficiency Motor.

Motors Keep your motors maintained: These will all affect the thermostat and automatically increase your heating costs.

Make sure they are located in a place with sufficient airflow. Try to lower the operating pressure: Reach both up and down stream. These can qualify for tax relief as part of the Enhance Capital Allowance scheme.

Use cost-effective micro-generation where possible. The management and reduction of business carbon footprints can have a vast impact on tackling climate change than that of individuals, Carbon footprint of woolworths the greater volume of emissions.

Use high efficiency motors: Switch to green energy suppliers. Turn off unused office equipment, including laptops and photocopiers, at source. Employee schemes Demonstrate leadership with ecological schemes.

Heating Ensure heating is on at the right level and not too hot so people will have to open windows. In fact, all sorts of common disposable products now have stylish, affordable and reusable alternatives.

Woolworth’s Sustainability Report: CO2, Water Intensity Jump 9%, 22%

By being conscientious in your consumption habits, actively pursuing more sustainable alternatives and using your money for good, you can contribute to the bigger effort to make the world a cleaner, greener place.

Plan ahead and combine trips. Set up an environmental champion group to promote energy efficiency in the office. Reach outside your organisation Manage the supply chain; ask what your suppliers and distributors are doing on green issues.

However, there are tangible actions you can take that have a genuine impact on the wider problem. Review your company car fleet for efficiency.

Stanford team lauds Woolworths Farming for the Future programme

Share lifts to work if the distance is not within walking or cycling reach. Use recycled paper and vegetable-based inks for printing; this can include using recycled toilet paper. Ensure your system is at the right temperature: Install bike racks, showers and cloakroom facilites to make it easier for employees to walk, run or cycle.

ClimateCare newsletter subscription confirmation You are already subscribed to our newsletter. Make sure heating does not come on unnecessarily in an empty building. So make sure yours are always well maintained.

Share via Email Every state in Australia except for New South Wales is expected to have a ban on single-use, lightweight plastic bags by the end of the year, with Coles and Woolworths phasing them out nationwide by June 30 Photograph: Tax breaks are available to employees taking bike loans.

Use public transport; it can often provide extra, valuable working time.

carbon calculator

Ensure the office is well insulated and drafts are blocked. In the meantime there are lots of things you and your employees can do to reduce emissions: Do you want us to re-send a confirmation email? A growing number of brands are innovating towards sustainable solutions and encourage consumers to do the same.

This can increase staff retention as well as save emissions.Woolworths' Farming for the Future programme is succeeding in encouraging farmers to use more environmentally friendly management practices than their counterparts that do not supply the grocery.

Woolworths Group is made up of some of the most recognisable and trusted brands in retailing, serving millions of customers every day with great choice, low prices and excellent quality.

1 of 5 Woolworths Fresh Food Future Program Grants for Woolworths fresh fruit and vegetable suppliers to undertake projects to improve water use efficiency, carbon footprint. Woolworths Holdings supports the work of the Carbon Disclosure (CDP) which encourages greater transparency from the corporate sector in how it is dealing with climate change.

The Vegetable Carbon Calculator is a free tool that allows you to develop a carbon footprint of a vegetable farming operation. The tool was developed as part of a HAL project (VG), funded by Australian Vegetable Growers through HAL with support from Houston’s Farms (Tasmania) and Woolworths.

woolworths has been recognised as one of the top 6 companies in sa for performance in reducing carbon emissions by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). woolworths also achieved a score of 94% in the carbon disclosure leadership index.

Carbon footprint of woolworths
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