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Creating awareness Biology chapter 4 questions sex related aspects is an effective method to improve reproductive health of the people. Male partner could also be responsible for infertility.

Answer The human population is increasing day by day, leading to population explosion. But, this technique was misused to find sex of child.

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Answer There is a certain common fundamental feature that helps in classification of living organisms. Indian government has started many plans like family planning and RCH to attain total reproductive health.

It includes physical, emotional, behavioural, and social well being. Amniocentesis for sex determination is banned in our country. Hence, providing information to them at the right time would help them to lead a reproductively healthy life and also protect them from the myths and misconceptions about various sex related issues.

Therefore, there are more chances of their survival and hence, less number of young ones is produced compared to the number of eggs. Organisation helps them to provide guidance and medical assistance to people suffering from reproduction related problems.

Answer The numbers of eggs produced by an oviparous mother will be more than the young ones produced by a viviparous mother. Therefore, to regulate the population growth by regulating reproduction has become a necessary demand in the present times. Some of these adaptations are as follows.

It is because of the following two major reasons. Various methods of contraceptive methods are available today which is very easy, safe, cost effective and without any side effects.

Quality of life is improved, medical facilities have increased, death rate and MMR have decreased rapidly. During complete lactation, no ovulation takes place so no menstrual cycle and no chances of fertilization. What are the reasons that you can think of for the arthropods to constitute the largest group of the animal kingdom?

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The use of contraceptives, such as condoms, etc. The aspects which have to be given special attention in the present scenarios are 1 Counselling and creating awareness among people, especially the youth, about various aspects of reproductive health, such as sexually transmitted diseases, available contraceptive methods, case of pregnant mothers, adolescence, etc.

AIDS is still an incurable disease. False Infertility is defined as the inability of the couple to produce baby even after unprotected coitus. Illiteracy is also an important role for population growth. Is this ban necessary? Thus, it helps fishes to ascend or descend and stay in the water current.

Correction Oral pills are very popular contraceptives among urban women. Correction Some of the sexually transmitted diseases are curable if they are detected early and treated properly.

However, it is limited till lactation period, which continues till six months after parturition. Answer Taenia Tapeworm and Fasciola liver fluke are examples of parasitic platyhelminthes.

Answer Birds have undergone many structural adaptations to suit their aerial life. Removal of gonads cannot be considered as a contraceptive option. Uncontrolled growth in population is one of the major problems of world.

It can also lead to unwanted pregnancies.

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There can be various reasons for infertility like physical, diseases, drugs, immunological etc in the couple. The young individual or adolescents are more susceptible in acquiring various sexually transmitted diseases.BIOLOGY FORM 4 CHAPTER 4 - CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF THE CELL PART 1 1.

BIOLOGY FORM 4 CHAPTER 4 2. The Chemical Basis of Life Living organisms are composed of about 25 chemical elements.

AP Biology Review Chapters Review Questions Chapter 4: Cell Structure and Function 1. Why are cells small? As cells grow, at what rate does the volume increase relative to surface area?

SPM Form 4 Biology - Exercise 01 Cell Structure. Cell Structure and Function 1 (6 Questions) Cell Structure and Function 2 (5 Questions) (4 Questions) Respiration in Plants (4 Questions) 07 Dynamic Ecosystem.

The Abiotic and Biotic Components of the Environment (7 Questions). CHAPTER 2; CHAPTER 3; CHAPTER 4; EXERCISE; EXERCISE. Hello everyone, here is few tips on how to answer for Biology questions. Students just can’t depends on the text book or teacher’s notes.

Sometimes students have to come up with their own ideas on how to make a simple notes for a quick review. They could do mind mapping also.

students. Feb 20,  · Crash Course Biology is Skip navigation Sign in. Eukaryopolis - The City of Animal Cells: Crash Course Biology #4 Questions. 4. The typcell oef division ht at occurs in body cells is known as: A Cosis yt B Meiosis C Omosis s D Mosis t i [Tue] r The correct answer is D.

Mitosis is the cell division process that occurs in the body cells. Mitotic division results in daughter cells containing a full number of genes as the parent cell they came from. 5.

Biology chapter 4 questions
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