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It will only be slightly lower because energy can only be lost through heat produced from friction and through sound. In addition the bulb also emits heat energy. The car will only be able to move if the force pushing it overcomes the friction acting against it.

Some systems involving energy transfers are: Below is a diagram that shows the transfer of energy in a torch: Gravitational potential energy GPE will be present because the car will be starting above the ground.

The mass of car can affect the force pushing the car and the distance travelled would affect the average speed. I have also established that the GPE is converted into kinetic energy, which increases as the car accelerates.

In any one system there could be just one energy transfer or numerous transfers of energy. Raising one end of the ramp to the desired height can easily alter the height of the ramp and the height that the car starts at. To find the optimum conditions required to carry out the main experiment in order to return accurate and reliable results.

He dropped a heavy stone and a light stone simultaneously and they both accelerated at the same rate and landed at the same time.

Similarly if I change the distance that the car has to travel each time then additional limiting factors may be introduced such as deceleration owing to friction. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. However, the car will have friction acting on it — between the wheels of the car and the ramp.

This can be proved by a famous experiment by Galileo, which he is supposed to have done from the leaning tower of Pisa. In addition to this I can make a prediction mathematically using the following formula: Set up the apparatus as shown so that one end of the ramp is elevated to the desired height which can be measured with the ruler using the clamp on the retort stand, and so that the other end is in contact with the table.

So a torch if a very inefficient system. On Earth the force of gravity pulls down on all objects so the GPE would be the force that moves the car. This power source provides electrical energy from the chemical energy in the batteries.

This prediction has been derived from the theory that the kinetic energy of the car at the bottom of the ramp when it is at its fastest will be inversely proportional to the gravitational potential energy of the car at the top of the ramp to begin with.

Usually when there is a transfer of energy from one component to another, these constituents are parts of machines or mechanisms, which are collectively classed as systems.

At the same time, kinetic energy KE will be increasing as the car goes down the ramp. Some energy may be lost to the atmosphere by heat and sound, although I doubt there will be much lost and so it would not be worthwhile including it in the investigation as a primary consideration.

The height of the ramp will directly affect the speed and kinetic energy because as the height is increased, so the GPE of the car increases and the force powering the car increases.

Prediction Based on the facts that I know regarding the factors affecting a car rolling down a ramp, I believe that as the height of the ramp increases, so the speed of the car rolling down it will increase.

The electrical energy then goes round the circuit powering the bulb and supplying light energy.

With help from the results from my experiment I will develop my investigation of the GPE, which is the force behind the car. The sound energy will be very low and friction may not be too great because the smooth wheels will be rolling down a smooth surface reducing the friction than if there were rubber wheels on a textured surface.

With this in mind, if the height of the ramp is then increased to 2x then the GPE will be doubled, and so the kinetic energy will double. If the car starts at a height of x then the GPE will be: Attach a length of ticker tape that is sufficiently longer than the length of the ramp to the toy car using the plasticine provided.

Following these I have also determined my fixed variables in the investigation. More importantly is the influence of the height of the ramp.

Since friction is acting on the car then the mass of the car will have an effect too. If I alter the mass of the car then I will not to be able to distinguish which factor between that and the height of the ramp are the cause of the change in the force behind the car.

The car will probably accelerate as it goes down the ramp so the length of the ramp will have an effect on the speed of the car, that is, if the car does not reach its top speed by the time it has gone down the ramp.

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An investigation of factors affecting essay
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